Strategic & Tactical Guidance

Our team of highly experienced Medical Directors are a cost-effective solution for health-related challenges

Return on Investment

  • Maintain compliance with corporate policies and health-related regulations
  • Evidence-based solutions for health risk control and mitigation
  • Workable strategies to maximize workforce well-being and productivity

Advice you need, when you need it

  • 24/7 support
  • A physician dedicated to your organization
  • Partnership with your corporate team, including Safety, HR, Risk, Security and Legal

Leveraging global resources

Corporate Medical Advisors supports organizations across a range of business sectors; including energy, manufacturing, technology, entertainment, and finance.

Corporate Medical Advisors’ scope of support is unique, enabling us to coordinate healthcare solutions fitting your organization’s needs, globally. We achieve this through established networks and partnerships with world-class medical assistance and occupational healthcare service providers.

Backed by an extensive database of global medical resources, policies, and evidence-based practices, Corporate Medical Advisors has been the world’s top choice for Medical Director placement for over 20 years.