A Legal Manager requests guidance from their Corporate Medical Advisor on a planned termination of a long-service employee who has had two recent warnings for process-safety incidents involving routine job functions, where the employee could not recall completing a critical task, resulting in a near-miss safety incident. Supervisor interviews with coworkers suggested that the employee had become more forgetful over the past six months and confirmed he was getting help from coworkers with reminders. The Legal Manager is concerned that employee may have a personal medical condition.

Corporate Medical Advisors can help with:

Fitness for Duty

  • Determine which employees not be allowed to re-enter the workplace.

Return to Work

  • Determine which employees not be allowed to return to work.
  • Recommendations for independent medical exams.

Accommodations and Employment Status

  • Compliance with ADA and ADEA.
  • Collaborate with corporate Human Resources and Legal to ensure informed decisions.