Your Executive Protection security and safety team is traveling with the executive team to a site in India. They have traveled with executives to a number of moderate or high-risk locations in the past year and carry a small first medical response kit. They recognize that their training and supplies may not be adequate to provide appropriate first response.

Corporate Medical Advisors can help:

Reduce risk to executives traveling to emerging markets

  • Advise executives on travel risk mitigation.

Assess the medical risk posed by the travel location

  • Review health risks and vetted health facilities in the region.
  • Coordinate with the Assistance Centers to prepare for medical assistance, if required.

Assess Executive Protection Team First Aid capabilities

  • Review the first aid training, skills, and certification of the Executive Protection team.
  • Assess the supplies in the first aid kit, including AED.

Develop the first aid response capabilities of the Executive Protection team

  • Provide advice to the Executive Protection team for ongoing training and certification.
  • Authorize medications and supplies that match team certification and location risks.