COVID-19 Health Consulting

Workplace Coronavirus Services

As experts in corporate health, our highly experienced team of physicians know the type of advice companies need to ensure business continuity, resiliency, and to mitigate risks. To help your company navigate this complex, rapidly evolving global pandemic, our health consulting service is comprehensive and customized to address your organization’s unique challenges.

With our expertise and experience in pandemic planning and response, we’ve been supporting organizations with their coronavirus concerns through:

  • Preparing companies for resumption of business activities and employees returning to work
  • Regulatory requirements of point of entry screening, use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Risk assessment and risk mitigation strategies
  • Management of onsite incidents, exposed or infected employees to coronavirus
  • Policy review
  • Webinars, employee Q&A, participation on management meetings
  • Medical aspects of employment practices
  • Providing evidence-based approach to medical direction and consultation
  • Expert guidance to manage stakeholders such as management, health authorities and employees
  • Global network of medical resources to support your organization